5 Easy Steps to Choosing the Right Packaging

Step 1

First it is important to determine the product to be shipped across for which we need to determine the type of the product i.e. Fragile, Semi-Fragile or Confidential Documents.

Step 2

Certain Electronic Gadgets/Mobile etc need to be shipped with a lot of care and attention for which anti-static bags need to be procured

Step 3

We also need to determine the shipment to be shipped via an online e-commerce company for which POD jacket is a mandatory requirement for storing invoice/challans etc. For personal documents shipping, POD jacket is not a mandatory requirement

Step 4

While Shipping Fragile of Semi Fragile products, it is advisable to wrap it with a bubble sheet. Adding cushioning to the package also adds on to the weight of the shipment unnecessarily increasing the cost. If need arise multiple layers of Bubble Cushioning can be provided for extra protection

Step 5

For many products such as jewelry boxes and products which carry weight, it is advisable not to use regular courier packaging bags but use a woven bag since it is stiff and in transit the bags edges remain intact against wear and tear.